Matthew Schwartz, Investigative Reporter, Author, Speaker

The Challenge

Matthew Schwartz, a Tucson, AZ investigative reporter is in the final stages of completing his memoir, “Confessions of an Investigative Reporter.” I'm honored to help put together his website and a Facebook page dedicated to promoting the book that covers decades of work in New York, Tampa, and Tucson.

A new author will be told they need to get their website up and running as soon as possible. Even before their book is finished and available to the public. That is how Matthew Schwartz’s new website and social media project was referred to me.

The Solution

Our work together began with me advising him through the maze of suggestions from other authors who offered their opinions. We created a simple plan to create a landing page website and associated social media and email marketing plan.

We started with choosing a Bluehost hosting plan for a WordPress website which Matthew is familiar with. And once his hosting and domain name was in place we quickly went to work on the design.

I provided a nice format and Matthew provided some awesome content. Before we knew it we were pretty much complete. I finished the project by creating an associated Facebook page and Twitter account as well as a MailChimp account to collect the email addresses of those who are interested in being informed about his progress.

The Results

For me, the result was amazing. Matthew has hundreds of friends, colleagues, and fans on Facebook and once he invited them to his new Facebook page the level of engagement was spectacular. He has a lot of support for the work he is doing and I have no doubt the book will be very well received.

At the time of this writing, the Facebook page has been our focus so the Twitter account and even the website haven’t brought much attention. That will surely improve as we continue to strategically plan ongoing marketing.


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