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The Challenge

An author’s website must serve as a dynamic tool to promote the author, their books, and anything else related to the author’s personal brand. Their website can be used as a central hub for them to market their books as well as open a beneficial communication channel with their fans.

In early September 2019, Lala Corriere, a Tucson, AZ bestselling author, found herself frustrated and without a functioning WordPress website. The person she chose to design and host her website was not able to fulfill their obligation to create a valuable website for the recent release of her latest book, The Traveling Cane.

The Solution

We created a beautiful WordPress website based on an example of a website Lala shared with us. We showcased her two genres, made it simple to navigate and cleaned up many hosting, coding, and content issues as well as adding analytics and SEO controls.


Hosting was already in place and WordPress was previously installed for the domain name. Our only issue was pointing it back to her hosting service from the previous designer’s host server. Once completed we were able to move forward with the design and development.


We used Elementor Pro to design and develop the WordPress theme. But before the theme could be uploaded and made live much work was necessary.

The version of WordPress was several years old and the existing plugins and themes were all out-of-date. Before we could update WordPress we needed to upgrade the host server’s version of PHP (the programming language of WordPress).

Once all updates were complete we were able to upload the theme and move forward with fine-tuning content.


Most of the content needed was taken from the previous WordPress theme. However, there were errors and omissions that Lala was able to address.

Analytics & SEO

We added Google Analytics and worked some Search Engine Optimization (SEO)) into the website.

As we were finishing up the design of the WordPress website, we realized her Facebook Business Page  could use some branding to reflect her new website. we created a 30-second cover video to visually connect the two.

The Results

At the time of this writing, we are still collecting the business results and studying the analytics and performance indicators. However, and probably more importantly, Lala is now able to focus on being an author again without being distracted by a poorly performing website.

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