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Are you the owner of a business with 5 or fewer employees? Is it becoming increasingly difficult making a living through your efforts? Are there areas of your business that are difficult to get back on track? 

If so, then I'm interested in hearing from you, learning what you struggle with, and determine where I can help get your business aligned with your goals.

Develop Strategic Initiatives.

“Always start at the end before you begin.”
Robert Kiyosaki
Founder of Rich Global LLC and the Rich Dad Company
Strategic initiatives are the key action programs focused on achieving specific objectives or closing the gap between a measure's performance and its target. They provide you with a framework to review all current projects, define the expected impact on your mission, and help you focus on those few key projects that will lead to immediate and measurable changes. Strategic Initiatives are not "business as usual," they are the critical projects that key to improving your business's delivery on its mission.

Increase Sales.

“How you sell matters. What your process is matters. But how your customers feel when they engage with you matters more.”
Tiffani Bova
Global Customer Growth and Innovation Evangelist at Salesforce
When you aren't maximizing your sale potential, you may not be as profitable as you had hoped. Without the consistent sale of your products or services, your business becomes a hobby or a charitable organization.

To become more profitable you need the right sales strategy. A documented plan for positioning and selling your product or service to qualified buyers in a way that differentiates you from your competitors. Your sales strategy should provide clear objectives and guidance to fulfill your profit goals.
  • Assess where you've been and where you are now
  • Create a clear Ideal Customer Profile
  • Create a Customer Journey Map
  • Set a clear Market Strategy
  • Create clear Revenue Goals
  • Develop and communicate clear Positioning
  • Create clear Action Plans

Improve your Marketing initiatives.

“The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself.”
Peter F. Drucker
Management Consultant, Educator, and Author
Marketing initiatives are anything that are clearly defined as a marketing effort. These can be offline, like business cards, trade show banners, brochures, letterhead, etc. 

But it can be, and maybe more importantly, online with:
  • Websites and landing pages
  • Email campaigns, CRM management, and Contact lists
  • Search engine marketing and search engine optimization
  • Social media campaigns
  • Pay-per-click advertising

Expand your Business Offerings.

“If you believe your product or service can fulfill a true need, it’s your moral obligation to sell it.”
Zig Ziglar
Author, Salesman, and Motivational Speaker
New products and services are the lifeblood of your businesses. Investing in their development isn't an optional extra - it is crucial in order for your business to grow and be profitable.

There's a lot at stake you develop a new product or service. To minimize risks and allocate resources wisely, you should consider a number of factors:
  • Will your new product or service meet customers' specifications? Consider its design, ease of use, and performance benefits.
  • How technologically feasible is the product or service? Can you meet the design, resource and manufacturing requirements?
  • Are you clear about what you hope to achieve with the new product or service? Does it meet the strategy outlined in your business plan and play to your business' strengths?

Expand into New Markets.

“It's very easy to be different but very difficult to be better.”
Jonathan Ive
Chief Design Officer, Apple
Expanding into a new markets can be an effective way to grow your business, but it takes a disciplined approach to adequately assess the potential growth of each new opportunity. Be careful of jumping into a new market simply because an opportunity came up.
  • Understand your customer
  • Align on strategy
  • Assess internal capabilities
  • Identify resource needs
  • Plan and design

Develop Informal Partnerships.

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much."
Helen Keller
Author, Political Activist, and Lecturer
An informal partnership comes into existence when at least two individuals or businesses enter into a business arrangement with the intention of creating a profit.

Deciding whether to move forward with a partnership can be challenging. There are some distinct advantages:
  • Access to complementary skills and knowledge
  • Share marketing costs
  • Increased opportunity for productivity and expansion
  • A second perspective
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About Mike Erickson


Originally from Iowa, Mike has lived in Tucson since 1992 when the United States Air Force sent him from RAF Woodbridge in the United Kingdom to Davis-Monthan AFB in Tucson, Arizona. In the USAF, he was trained as an aircraft mechanic but learned website design during the final two years of his honorable service.

Mike holds a bachelors of science degree in business and a masters of arts degree in education. He also has more than 24 years website design experience and has been designing WordPress websites for the last 10 years.

Clients know Mike for these attributes: attention to detail, problem solving, troubleshooting, research & analysis, patience, generosity, helpfulness, and is personable. Click here to learn more about Mike's qualifications and experiences.

Mike enjoys running, photography, tent camping, hiking, traveling, cooking, and spending time with family. Visit Mike's Instagram.

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"Mike made some really good suggestions on how to make my WordPress site more secure, such as integrating a new Admin user and utilizing reCAPTCHA. Thank you Mike - I feel more comfortable knowing my WordPress site is secure!"

Scott Olsen, Small Business Owner

matthew-schwartz"Mike Erickson has been a Godsend to me. He is a brilliant and professional web designer. Beyond that he helps with every aspect of social media to help publicize my upcoming memoir. I would give him 10 stars if they had that many, his fees are also very reasonable. I plan to give him more work as needed. "

Matthew Schwartz, Investigative Reporter & Author

"I want to give a HUGE shout out to my talented web designer, Mike Erickson. For anyone with a need, he is your man! He is amazing, on time, and goes beyond!"

Lala Corriere, Bestselling Author 

"Mike Erickson is amazing. He's helped me figure out what my business needs to grow, and has both suggested and helped me implement good strategies. I highly recommend him!"

Rita Gibbs, REALTOR®

"Mike Erickson is a consummate professional: He is super smart, talented, and helpful in every way. His attention to detail is unsurpassed AND he is a heck of a nice guy too! I would never hesitate to recommend Mike, as his knowledge and expertise are extensive and his sincere motivation to help in every way is amazingly apparent in each and every interaction."

Laura Tremaine, Real Estate Investor

"Mike is a great guy. Will get the job done and is willing to go the extra mile for you."

Dr. Shaun McGuire, Chiropractor

"Mike is a very skillful and talented professional with a multitude of talents of which I do not possess or have the time to learn. Mike has provided me with not only business coaching skills but also advise and expertise in the marketing and social media realms as well as analyzing data regarding my industry and current trends."

Michelle Hart, Clinical Thermographer

“Mike was very professional and personable as we discussed designing our website. His creative ideas were invaluable, and his attention to detail was amazing. He was very patient with my revision requests, and always put my best interests first. I highly recommend Mike, and will continue to promote his skills and expertise going forward.”

Dave Kipling, Real Estate Broker

“Mike did a great job helping me begin my first professional website. I trust his judgement, his knowledge, and most importantly his honesty. He used his skills to help create my concept which I greatly appreciated. Whenever I need to do anything related to my website, I turn to Mike and ONLY Mike.”

Catherine Ellinwood, Loan Officer

“Mike has created video email templates which we use in our SendOutCards business. It’s always a pleasure to work with Mike because he does what he says he is going to do. He provides a great product at the price he advertises and in the timeline he promises.”

Ed Euken, Business Consultant

"Mike Erickson is one of the most creative talents I have had the pleasure to work with over my 34 years in business. I simply gave Mike a general concept and his creative genius goes to work and the end result is nothing short of amazing 100% of the time. Each of the several projects that he has completed for my company was done quickly, efficiently, and on budget. If you are searching for the very best in new media marketing skill and ability your search is over."

John M. Almond, Business Development Manager

"Hello, my name is JD Almond in Austin, TX owner of SmallBizMarketing and I just wanted to do a video about Mike Erickson and uExclusive and ComF5Solutions. Mike does amazing work on anything from a simple template all the way to a full blown website and he does it extremely quick. The other night, just to give you an example, I needed a template by the next day at noon. I didn't think it would happen but Mike did whatever he could to get it done for me so that I could have a good presentation. So, if you're thinking about using Mike, I can definitely assure you that his work is great, its done extremely quick, and his prices are absolutely amazing for the amount of service and work he provides. Thank you so much."

JD Almond, Entrepreneur

JD Almond, Entrepreneur
Austin, TX

Find out how Mike can help your business today.


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